We can all see how fantastic I am at this already, right? #sarcasm So almost a year later I’m going to try this again. I love food (as my winter weight can attest to at present). I love cooking. As a full time student with two part time jobs however, time is of the essence and money is something I like to hold onto. With that said, my goals for 2012 are as follows:
1. Live Frugally
2. Plan meals more so the temptation for take-out decreases
3. Buy more locally sourced food
4. Eat less meat* (this doesn’t apply to my guy)
5. Get more product out of my garden this year (last year was my first year)
6. Preserve more vegetables
7. Waste Less
8. To stay organized (I am well known for starting things organized then it all rolls downhill)


cucumbers, summer squash, sunburst (patty pan) squash, heirloom tomato mix, hot dance peppers, rainbow bell peppers, tri-color beans, heirloom beets, india eggplant

seedlings as of april 19


I’m new to gardening. I have about 88 seedlings going at the moment full of veggies with plans to build my raised beds this weekend. This blog will be to document my mishaps and hopefully successes with gardening and preserving, which will also be a new adventure for me. Three weeks until the end of the semester, so this might be one of few posts over the next couple of weeks.


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